Biomark HD / EP1高通量基因分析系统


1.  人群筛查 

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2.  农业研究

Ÿ   A Complex Structural Variation on Chromosome 27 Leads to the Ectopic Expression of HOXB8 and the Muffs and Beard Phenotype in Chicken. Guo Y, Gu X, Sheng Z, Wang Y, Luo C, Liu R, Qu H, Shu D, Wen J, Crooijmans R, Carlborg Ö, Zhao Y, Hu X, Li N. PLoS Genet. 2016 Jun; 12(6): e1006071.  

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Ÿ   Development of a Novel Reference Plasmid for Accurate Quantification of Genetically Modified Kefeng6 Rice DNA in Food and Feed Samples. Li L, Zhang X, Wan Y, and Jin W. Biomed Res Int. 2013: 134675   


3.  干细胞研究         

Ÿ   A molecular roadmap for induced multi-lineage trans-differentiation of fibroblasts by chemical combinations. Han X , Yu H , Huang D, et al., Cell Research (2017) :1-16       

Ÿ   Improvement in Mouse iPSC Induction by Rab32 Reveals the Importance of Lipid Metabolism during Reprogramming. Pei Y, Yue L, Zhang W, Wang Y, Wen B, Zhong L, Xiang J, Li J, Zhang S, Wang H, Mu H, Wei Q, Han J. Sci Rep. 2015, 5: 16539.

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4.  肿瘤研究 

Ÿ   Diverse in vivo effects of soluble and membrane-bound M-CSF on tumor-associated macrophages in lymphoma xenograft model. Liao J, Feng W, Wang R, Ma S, Wang L, Yang X, Yang F, Lin Y, Ren Q, Zheng G. Oncotarget. 2016, 7(2): 1354–1366.      

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5.  液态活检 

Ÿ   Quantification and Dynamic Monitoring of EGFR T790M in Plasma Cell-Free DNA by Digital PCR for Prognosis of EGFR-TKI Treatment in Advanced NSCLC. Wang Z, Chen R, Wang S, Zhong J, Wu M, Zhao J, Duan J, Zhuo M, An T, Wang Y, Bai H, Wang J. PLoS One. 2014; 9(11): e110780. 


6.  生殖发育 

Ÿ   Endocardium Minimally Contributes to Coronary Endothelium in the Embryonic Ventricular Free Walls. Zhang H, Pu W, Li G, Huang X, He L, Tian X, Liu Q, Zhang L, Wu SM, Sucov HM, Zhou B. Circ Res. 2016 Jun 10;118(12):1880-93.  

Ÿ   Spatial Transcriptome for the Molecular Annotation of Lineage Fates and Cell Identity in Mid-gastrula Mouse Embryo. Peng G, Suo S, Chen J, Chen W, Liu C, Yu F, Wang R, Chen S, Sun N, Cui G, Song L Tam PP, Han JD, Jing N. Dev Cell. 2016, 36(6):681-97. 

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7.  生物标记物筛选 

Ÿ   Microfluidic chip-based technologies: emerging platforms for cancer diagnosis. Ying L and Wang Q. BMC Biotechnol. 2013; 13: 76. 


8.  遗传病研究

     Association of long noncoding RNAs expression levels and their gene polymorphisms with systemic lupus erythematosus. Li, J., Wu, G.C., Zhang, T.P. et al. Sci Rep. (2017): 15,119


9.  生物信息学         

Ÿ   Revealing Missing Human Protein Isoforms Based on Ab Initio Prediction, RNA-seq and Proteomics. Hu Z, Scott SH, Qin G, Zheng G, Chu X, Xie L, Adelson LD, Oftedal EB, Venugopal P, Babic M, Hahn NC, Zhang B, Wang X, Li N, Wei C. Sci Rep. 2015; 5: 10940.    


10.          方法学研究  

Ÿ   Accurate quantification of supercoiled DNA by digital PCR. Dong L, Yoo HB, Wang J, Park SR. Sci Rep. 2016;6:24230.  

Ÿ   Comparison of four digital PCR platforms for accurate quantification of DNA copy number of a certified plasmid DNA reference material. Dong L, Meng Y, Sui Z, Wang J, Wu L, Fu B. Sci Rep. 2015;5:13174.  



C1单细胞自动制备系统 + Biomark HD


1.      干细胞及发育

Ÿ   Generation and Application of Mouse-Rat Allodiploid Embryonic Stem Cells. Li X, Cui XL, Wang JQ, Wang YK, Li YF, Wang LY, Wan HF, Li TD, Feng GH, Shuai L, Li ZK, Gu Q, Hao J, Wang L, Zhao XY, Liu ZH, Wang XJ, Li W, Zhou Q. Cell. 2016, 164(1-2):279-92.      

Ÿ   Serum-Based Culture Conditions Provoke Gene Expression Variability in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells as Revealed by Single-Cell Analysis. Guo G, Pinello L, Han X, Lai S, Shen L, Lin TW, Zou K, Yuan GC, Orkin SH. Cell Rep. 2016;14(4):956-65.  

Ÿ   Random X-chromosome inactivation dynamics in vivo by single-cell RNA sequencing. Wang M, Lin F, Xing K, Liu L. BMC Genomics. 2017, 18(1):90.   

Ÿ   Systematic Reconstruction of Molecular Cascades Regulating GP Development Using Single-Cell RNA-Seq. Li J, Luo H, Wang R, Lang J, Zhu S, Zhang Z, Fang J, Qu K, Lin Y, Long H, Yao Y, Tian G, Wu Q. Cell Rep. 2016;15(7):1467-80.


2.      干细胞及神经生物学

Ÿ   Direct Conversion of Normal and Alzheimer's Disease Human Fibroblasts into Neuronal Cells by Small Molecules. Hu W, Qiu B, Guan W, Wang Q, Wang M, Li W, Gao L, Shen L, Huang Y, Xie G, Zhao H, Jin Y, Tang B, Yu Y, Zhao J, Pei G.

Ÿ   Cell Stem Cell. 2015, 17(2):204-12. 


3.      骨科疾病研究

Ÿ   Single-cell analysis reveals a nestin+ tendon stem/progenitor cell population with strong tenogenic potentiality.Yin Z, Hu JJ, Yang L, Zheng ZF, An CR, Wu BB, Zhang C, Shen WL, Liu HH, Chen JL, Heng BC, Guo GJ, Chen X, Ouyang HW. Sci Adv. 2016;2(11):e1600874.



4.      肾脏疾病研究

Ÿ   Single-cell RNA-sequence analysis of mouse glomerular mesangial cells uncovers mesangial cell essential genes. Lu Y, Ye Y, Yang Q, Shi S. Kidney Int. 2017 Mar 17.





Ÿ   The transcriptional coactivator TAZ regulates reciprocal differentiation of TH17 cells and Treg cells. Geng J, et al., Nature Immunology. (2017) DOI10.1038/ni.3748