Advances in Genome Biology and Technology

February 13–16, 2017 | Hollywood Beach, FL


Advances in Genome Biology and Technology

February 13–16, 2017

Hollywood Beach, FL


Amplify your productivity

Bring new scalability, efficiency and biological insights to your research.

Ramp up genomic exploration of disease variants. Explore cellular heterogeneity to discover novel populations or uncover new gene regulatory networks.

Join us for our presentation

Scaling NGS library preparation with automated microfluidics to achieve significant cost efficiencies at production scale

Hear about the most comprehensive and automated solutions to accelerate your path to publication and optimize your genomics workflows for increased efficiencies of scale.

Thursday, February 16
9:00–9:20 am
Great Hall 4–6

Presented by:

Ramesh Ramakrishnan

Ramesh Ramakrishnan, PhD
Vice President, R&D

Visit us in Suite 219

Meet with Fluidigm

We always look forward to learning more about your interests and special needs. Email matt.kirtley@fluidigm.com to schedule a time to speak with Fluidigm scientific experts and discover how we can better empower your research.

Rolling Demonstrations

Come by for consultation and demonstration on how to prepare up to hundreds of NGS libraries per processing batch and save significant time and cost for large scale genomics projects using the Juno™ system. Hear the latest reagents product roadmap as well as the latest in single-cell and mass cytometry applications.

The Mojito Lab

Kick off your evening with an experimental twist and apply your lab skills to flavor your mojito your way. South Florida-themed appetizers and citrus-inspired delicacies included.

Tuesday, February 14
5:15–7:15 pm
Suite 219

Enter to win a drone

Achieve new heights with the fully immersive Parrot® BEBOP 2 FPV drone. Visit us in the Fluidigm Suite, check out the drone and enter to win.

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