Visionary cell modeling with combinatorial dosing and automated long-term cell culture


The Counter Culture

For too long differentiation and reprogramming have meant being resigned to long manual hours, weekends at the bench and frustrating, inconsistent results. But what if you could choose a different fate—for you and your cells? Introducing Callisto™, the industry-first platform that lets you design, optimize and execute multistage, long-term protocols with a few taps on a screen. Program your experiment offline, collaborate on protocols and, when you’re ready, press Run and walk away... for up to three weeks.


Optimize your experiment with multifactorial dosing of your cells with any combination of RNA, small molecules, virus and other differentiation factors.


Save time, effort and cost with an easy workflow based on prescheduled media and dosing changes and nanoliter-scale reaction volumes.


Accelerate discovery with integrated workflows for live-cell, RNA, DNA or protein analysis.


Run a complete culture protocol within a single instrument with just a touch of your finger.


Callisto revolutionizes cell model studies with a new, fully integrated system for precise manipulation of biological pathways for in vitro cell culture. The system’s innovative integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) includes 32 independent chambers that can be controlled for up to three weeks with minimal intervention. Design protocols anywhere using the drag-and-drop features of the Callisto Experiment Planner to schedule feeding, dosing and harvesting, and monitor experiments remotely, for a more efficient workflow than ever before possible. When your protocol is done, you can harvest single-cell suspensions or bulk cells to prepare for the analysis of your choice, including targeted gene expression, whole transcriptome, microRNA analysis, DNA sequencing, imaging or live-cell plating and expansion.


  1. Pretreat
  2. Seed
  3. Feed
  4. Dose
  5. Verify
  6. Analyze


Coat the IFC with extracellular matrix.


Load cells and reagents into the IFC.


Insert the IFC and run your script.


Expose cells to reprogramming factors.


Stain live cells and verify viability or phenotype.


Harvest single or bulk cells from each chamber to fix, lyse or dissociate.


Callisto Support

Browse frequently asked questions, download technical documents, review training programs and service plans and locate the right IFCs, kits and reagents for your research. Still need help? Reach out to one of our support specialists here


IFCs, Assays and Reagents

Callisto™ IFC

Achieve reliable and reproducible reprogramming results with 32 independent chambers combinatorially dosed with 16 factors each using the Callisto IFC.

Callisto™ Lysis Reagent Kit

Prepare your cells with this all-in-one kit enabling downstream RNA, DNA or protein analysis.

Callisto™ Reagent Kit

Simplify cell loading and multi-stage cell culture maintenance with our kit optimized for Callisto.

  1. Callisto™ IFC
  2. Callisto™ Lysis Reagent Kit
  3. Callisto™ Reagent Kit


Callisto System Software v3.8.13

The latest operating system upgrade for the Callisto™ system. To install, follow the instructions found in the Callisto System User Guide (in Chapter 3, see Update the System).

Callisto Experiment Planner v2.0.1

Easily design and create intricate multifactorial dosing, feeding and harvesting protocols for your cell modeling experiment on Callisto. Save and share protocols with colleagues to ensure reproducible and reliable cell culture results.



  1. Callisto System Software v3.8.13
  2. Callisto Experiment Planner v2.0.1
  3. Singular解析


Dimensions as Shipped

Height 32.5 in (82.6 cm)
Width 26.2 in (66.5 cm)
Depth 38.6 in (98.0 cm)
Weight 180 lb (82 kg)


Height 19.7 in (50.0 cm)
Width 17.3 in (43.9 cm)
Depth 27.5 in (69.8 cm)
Weight 137 lb (62 kg)

Site Requirements

Clearance 4 in (10 cm) from the rear, 10 in (25 cm) from the front
Temperature   Ambient between 15 and 28ºC (59 to 82ºF) stable
Humidity 3080%, noncondensing

Premixed Gas Requirements  Clean, dry, premixed gas containing 5% CO2, 522% O2, balanced by N2
Premixed Gas Regulation 2225 psi (152172 kPa)
Compressed Air Requirement  7590 psi (517621 kPa)
Altitude Site Preparation <8,202 ft (2,500 m)

Refer to the Callisto Site Requirements (PN 100-7601) for more information on operating systems. 


Thermal Control  Peltier-based, 439 ºC ± 1 ºC
Max Heating Rate   >4ºC/sec  
Max Cooling Rate >3ºC/sec

Humidity 90 ± 5% 
IFC Compatibility Callisto IFCs for Adherent Cell Culture
Current 8.0 A (max)
Voltage 100240 V
Main Supply Fluctuation  Not to exceed ±10% of the nominal supply voltage 
Frequency 50/60 Hz